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The Useless Kernel

My useless kernel running a funky framebuffer and doing a pci dump.

Screen dump running some 'processes':

Starting the Useless Kernel - R.F.Yoz (c) 2006
Kernel Enter                  T1 1:a=70338        T2 1:a=898
Initializing modules...       T1 2:a=111060       T2 2:a=932
43 processes launched!        T1 3:a=153016       T2 3:a=1348
                              T1 4:a=194972       T2 4:a=1348
                              T1 5:a=236928       T2 5:a=1348
                              T1 6:a=280118       T2 6:a=1348
                              T1 7:a=322074       T2 7:a=1348
                              T1 8:a=364030       T2 8:a=1348
                              T1 9:a=403518       T2 9:a=1348
                              T1 10:a=444240      T2 10:a=1348
                              T1 11:a=486196      T2 11:a=1348
                              T1 12:a=528152      T2 12:a=1348
                              T1 13:a=570108      T2 13:a=1348
                              T1 14:a=613298      T2 14:a=1348
                              T1 15:a=655254      T2 15:a=1348
01234567                      T1 16:a=697210      T2 16:a=1348
01234567                      T1 17:a=739166      T2 17:a=1348
01234567                      T1 18:a=781122      T2 18:a=1348
01234567                      T1 19:a=823078      T2 19:a=1348
01234567                      T1 20:a=856396      T2 20:a=1348

Download: useless20061005.tar.bz2
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